Welcome to my practice.  I look forward to giving you the same compassionate and attentive care that I have provided Lowcountry residents for more than ten years.  

Evaluation.  I understand that you are a unique and valuable individual.  Despite your personal struggles and symptoms, you have many strengths and characteristics which, when identified and supported, will assist you as you strive to improve your life.  Together, we will bring to light  the strengths that have gotten you through your difficult times and the symptoms or problems you wish to change.  This primarily involves in-depth conversation between the two of us, but occasionally includes the completion of brief questionnaires.

Prevention.  Supportive relationships, restful sleep, good nutrition, rejuvenating activities, and meaningful work are the cornerstones of a healthy and joyful life.  Positive changes such as career moves, marriage, and having children place increased demands on us and require direct attention to self-care and relationships. I provide both a supportive ear and expert knowledge that will help you maintain emotional, physical, relational and spiritual balance as you negotiate complex life changes. 

Treatment.  My expertise is in applying research-based interventions in a compassionate and non-judgmental context, with respect for each individual's unique circumstances.  My clients may be experiencing a range of problems, including situational anxiety and depression, loss and grief, relationship changes and problems, or chronic disorders such as Major Depression, BiPolar Disorder, Generalized Anxiety, Panic, Posttraumatic Stress, or Substance abuse or dependence.      



Mindful Therapy

Samantha S. Maierle, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist


I use supportive interventions such as facilitative listening, cognitive-behavioral interventions such as cognitive restructuring and trauma-focused therapy, behavioral interventions such as relaxation training, communication skills training, problem-solving skills training, and mindfulness and meditation training and practice.